Reasons for Skylight Leaks

A skylight provides a natural source of adequate lighting that doesn’t exert any burden on your electricity. It’s also a way to help promote a more environmentally friendly way to bring light into your home. You get a good source of lighting while giving you the opportunity to save money that you were supposed to allot for electricity. It’s a fact that skylights are a great addition to anyone’s home.

However, despite all their splendor and benefits, there are times when skylights can experience problems too. Just one of those problems is leaking. This can be an annoying predicament as it leaves you exposed to the forces of nature. It can also potentially damage your belongings as water slowly seeps through your skylights. Just what are the causes of a leaky skylight? Here are just a few reasons that might be probably causes.

Cracked Glass

A cracked glass in your skylight will most probably result in leaking. There are times when hard objects crash or bump onto the surface of your skylight. This can result in cracking of the glass, making small spaces which let the water seep in, especially during rainy seasons. Take time to inspect your skylight’s glass carefully as the cracks may either be too small to be detected easily or hidden by the reflection and refraction of light as soon as it hits the glass. Once you see that the glass on your skylight is cracked, it’s time to change it for a new one. Leaving it alone can not only cause water to enter your home but it can be a potential cause for injury due to glass shards flaking off or breaking.


Damaged Frame

It’s not only the glass but a damaged frame can also be the culprit of a leaking skylight. Basically, the frame holds everything together by establishing support to the structure. However, there are times when the frame itself is damaged, leaving room for water to seep through the small openings that these damages may cause. A good example is when hail manages to hit and put a dent on your skylight’s frame. Even if the glass may be intact, water can still seep through the small pores of the frame if damage is done. Consulting a skylight installation company in conducting repairs is wise in this case.

Holes and Gaps

As water is in the liquid state, it can manage to seep through as long as it is given room to enter. Even the tiniest holes or gaps can result in leaking of your skylight. For example, if the frame of your skylight is made of wood, termites may damage it and cause holes and gaps. Conducting prompt repairs is a must to prevent further damage.

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